Sike Bwap – Bike Swap!


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We’re all gearing up for summer. So, with that in mind, are you in need of new bike or some bike parts? The good people at Bikechain are running a Bike Swap this Sunday at MEC:

Buy and sell bikes and bike parts. Arrive early to drop off your gear, consign it and we’ll sell it.
Get some great deals on bikes, bike parts/equipment. Make sure your old bike goes to a good home.

Earth Day, April 22nd

8-11am – Drop off bike gear for sale
11-2pm – Buy bike gear
2-3pm – Pick up proceeds and unsold gear

Mountain Equipment Co-op
400 King Street West (map)

If you’d like help run the event, send BikeChain an email:

P.S. did you know, the title of this post is an example of a spoonerism

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A.E Johnson is a second year student going into Arts and Sciences at the St. George Campus. Focusing on Environmental Biology, Forest Conservation and Ethics, Andrew inspires to protect as much of the Earths natural environment as possible. Hoping to bring an exciting twist to how you view your everyday activities and how you can make a difference.

7 thoughts on “Sike Bwap – Bike Swap!

  1. But don’t all the words in a spoonerism have to make sense? I don’t know what a Bwap is?!? LOL- I may be wrong though…

  2. This truly sounds like a great plan to help our environment too.I am extremely Interested in the Bike in the picture.Any chance it’s for sale and if so please contact me with your asking price.Thank you,and please keep up this great cause.

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