Tuesdays with Professor Guisso

Before going to university, I really had no clue what I wanted to study or major in so my brother recommended that I take the intro course to East Asian Studies: EAS102. He had taken the course about 10 years before I did and loved it. At the time, the course was taught by Professor R. Guisso and luckily for me it was still taught by him by the time I took it. Even after 10 years (plus all the other years he’s been teaching) Professor Guisso is still very much adored by his students and peers.

Professor Guisso delivered his lectures through his amazing gift of story-telling.  He spoke with no microphone to groups of at least 100 students or more and without hesitation, fear, or lack of memory – gave us all an amazing account of history and anecdotes on East Asia. More than that, you could tell that he was passionate and interested in the topics he lectured about. He was also approachable and kind to his students.

In all my years at university, I’ve never really had a professor that was so engaging and enthusiastic about his subject. Professor Guisso is one of those exceptions. It is no surprise then that he’s been made Professor Emeritus, a professor that has retired in good standing and with distinction. However, he is still teaching. In fact, he’ll be teaching EAS 395Y0 – Leadership and Governance in China’s Modern Urban Transformation at the University of Hong Kong this summer.

So to end, it is because of you, Professor Guisso, that I decided to pursue a minor in East Asian Studies. Thank you.

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  1. I am so envious of you because I couldn’t take Prof. Guisso’s lecture section because of a conflict. It was so aggravating to go through the same course with another professor who couldn’t quite articulate his wealth of knowledge.

  2. In the 70’s I had the immense good fortune to stumble across Prof. Guisso’s Introductory to China & Asia. Needless to say, I’ve been a fan of the Prof. Guisso for 4 decades (where has the time gone?) and due to his enthusiastic and lively discussions, a lifelong interest in Chinese and Japanese Fine Art & History. Next to Prof. Guisso’s vast knowledge of his subject matter is his devotion and lively interest in his students and their perspective on the world in general.

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