Tasty Tours – An Awesome Treat!

Looking for something sweet to eat? Some adventure perhaps? Something unusual, different, and exciting? Well, Tasty Tours is the answer!

With a great variety of sweet treats to eat and a tour of beautiful Kensington Market, Tasty Tours demonstrates another great example of what makes our city so awesome and quirky. Tasty Tours is truly one of a kind. Using Kensington Market as the focal point of the tour is brilliant. It has a multi-ethnic selection of foods and is such a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Tasty Tours was founded and is led by U of T graduate Audrey Ooi: a smart, charismatic, and fun young woman. Her strong entrepreneurial spirit/hard work is what makes her company such a success after only taking off in the summer of 2011. Her tours are engaging and you can definitely learn a thing or two, like the history of candy corn and what makes it special (trust me it’s actually quite interesting, let Audrey tell you). The tour has an informal and relaxed feel. It’s well paced and not rushed. You get to actually experience the city, walk around among the locals, and go into places you probably would never have thought to venture into.  Fortunately for all of us,  Audrey also has plans to further expand her tours to other parts of the city!

This October, I was fortunate to have taken part in a special Halloween Tour. Normally, tours are held either Sundays at 11 am and alternate Fridays at 5 pm. Tours start at Butterfly Bakery right in Chinatown and then we gradually make our way in Kensington Market, which is really close by. On the Halloween Tour we got to try (in no particular order) special “Pan de Muerto” (Bread of the Dead) at Pancho’s Bakery, cute (yes cute) cupcakes at Miss Cora’s Kitchen, home-made truffles at Chocolate Addict, and some organic marshmallows and yummy Jelly Bellys at Blue Banana. My goodness it was awesome.

Christmas is coming up soon so I’d be sure to catch the Christmas Tour special this year! For more information, sign up for the mailing list to receive emails on exclusive giveaways and specials on the website here. You can also find more information on the Facebook page here.

Photo Credit goes to Audrey Ooi

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