Tuesdays with Professor Jurgensen

As I’m doing readings in the wee hours for my US Foreign Policy class, I can’t resist the temptation to do some stalking of the professor for the class, Arnd Jurgensen.

On the first day of class, I arrived late, and hence missed out on his introduction. Only just now did I realize that his name is Arnd, which I had previously assumed was Arnold. Although most would associate ‘Arnold’ with this:


I automatically think of Arnold the football head:

Anyway, what else to do besides go on RateMyProfessor to see his ratings? Some more popular ones were “he’s verrry charming,” “HOT,” and “really really smart and REALLY good looking.” Good to know I’m not the only one who thought that. But he’s also a good lecturer; he very patiently answers everyone’s questions, going into great depth, with many examples. Having taught the course for many years, he sure knows his US Foreign Policy.

Anyway, after that cursory look at RateMyProfessor, I went to Google Images. However, the first pictures made me go, “huh?” What I expected were typical professor pictures – headshots. Instead, what I got were pictures of him rocking an electric guitar.


Is this even the right guy? I mean, it sure looks like him, and how many Arnd Jurgensens are there out there, realistically?

So I went to his LinkedIn. He sure is a man of many trades, having taught environmental impacts of technology in the Engineering department and then all that Poli Sci jazz. However, he’s also active in the Toronto Music scene! And he’s not just limited to the electric guitar either. He can also play the banjo, the guitar, the saz (what?), dobro (more what?), et cetera (!!). He’s performed “with groups including: The Woodchoppers Association; Shady Tree; Toronto Improvisers Orchestra; Built to Suit and many others.” Man, the only thing that could make him even awesomer is if he played the bass!

So, after half an hour of Internet stalking, I’ve learned that my attractive professor is also a musical genius who’s taught a bunch of super smarty-pants engineers.

So go stalk your professors! You’ll never know what you’ll find. 😉

Now I shall go back to my readings. If only they were half as interesting as my stalking session.

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