Lo and behold, it’s finally November, the strange month squished between the October and December! Packed with different events from Remembrance Day (don’t forget to wear a poppy!), to Movember and Nanowrimo, this is one of those months that promises to make an dent in your life, despite appearing rather uneventful at first.

The traditional Nanowrimo event is where you write around 1 666 words a day towards your 50 000 word novel, every day of November. By the end of the month, you’d have a novel. As a commuter, I’ve decided to take a spin on that.

Commuting, as I’ve heard from many others and have experienced myself, is probably one of the most mundane and tiring tasks of daily life. From dealing with passenger assistance alarms creating delays, to being packed like sardines as people behind you at Bloor-Yonge desperately try to get on the same train, sometimes even the thought of going home feels dreadful.

That’s why I’ve decided to take commuting and this month of November, both long and dull on first ponder, to collect one awesome thing about commuting a day and blog about it (much in the style of this blog). By the end of this, I should have 30 brilliant things about commuting tucked away in my mind, and perhaps I may even make an dent in another commuter’s life and brighten it up a bit.

Here goes! Hello, November!

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