Commuter Nanowrimo Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: The Napping Seat.

I was all set to write a blog post about the best seats in the world on the TTC subway, and as I set out to google the image of that perfect seat, the first result I got was a picture perfect with the arrow done for me and everything…with the source from Blog UT!

Turns out a good 5 years ago, a lovely blogger by the name of Jermaine had already blogged about this.

(Source Here: The permalink is a bit wonky, which is why I attached a screenshot of the post )

Five years later, things have changed little. The best seats on the TTC train are still those ones, but now there are more of them. If you look at the picture in the blog post, the second seat counting from the right, these seats now have a plastic wall for you to lean and nap on now. What else? As mentioned in Blog TO:

The most noticeable change among the many — and the reason they will hold more passengers — is that the trains are now open-length, which means that a connecting passage allows riders to travel seamlessly from one car to the next (there are six cars in total). In an empty train, one can look straight from one end to the other.

On either side of this open seam, there are seats right next to the white walls of the train. Also a perfect place to lean against and nap on.

Three hurrahs for the Rocket and it’s brilliant napper-friendly designs! ‘Tis awesome!


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