Give Me a Break: A List of Activities to do In Between Classes

On the days when I have two or more classes, I look forward to the breaks that I have between classes. It’s an opportunity for me to relax, update my to-do list, or if I’ve procrastinated completing an assignment, finish it off and edit it one more time. I’ve had breaks lasting from anywhere between one hour to three hours.  Over the past three years, I’ve learned to use this time wisely as it allows me to do some things I’m unable to do at other times in the day.

Here’s a list of some productive (and not so productive) ways of killing time between classes:

1.      Organize your schedule

This usually doesn’t take a lot of time once you’ve started the task. While meeting your deadlines and attending events is another task in itself, at least you’re prepared for the weeks and months ahead. (It’s the thought that counts, right?)

2.      Watch your favourite TV shows

It’s a great way to kill time if you only have an hour-long break. Although, it’s really hard not to scream or yell at my laptop screen when I’m catching up with Pretty Little Liars (Seriously, the show is filled with plot twists).

 3.      Read a chapter/section of an assigned reading

This is a good activity to complete during your break if it’s right before the class that the reading is for. It’s also an opportunity to review the material (or complete the reading if you haven’t started!).

4.      Meet with friends

This year, it’s hard to meet up with my friends as we’re not in the same classes like last year. It’s even more difficult to meet up outside of classes because of our busy schedules.  Last semester, I started to arrange lunch dates with friends during my breaks. This gives me an opportunity to catch up with friends in person while I’m still on campus, as I’m a commuter.

5.      Take a nap

If I’m going to spend most of my nights working on assignments, I’m going to have to rest some time. I’m one of those people that NEEDS their sleep. (I think I’m one of few students at U of T who will admit this…)


How do you spend your time during your breaks?

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