A Frosh’s Treasury of Helpful Articles

It looks like we’re getting meta up in this blizzy (that’s ghetto for “blog”) – we’ve got blog posts within a blog post. Below is a list of some of our favourite articles about the hows and whats of being a new student at UofT. Each article was created by a student with experience and knowledge, and each reflects the ways we’ve learnt to deal with the challenges of a new school and the new experiences that they bring. Enjoy!

Dear Fellow First-Years

This is a letter written by a student after only one month of classes. Although it is intended for others with the same level of experience, it is an excellent guide of what to expect in that crucial first month.

First Year’s Advice Through A Third Year’s Eyes

The author of this post uses over two years of experience to explain what she would have done differently in her first year, knowing what she knows now.

Some Really, Really Specific Tips for First-Years

The author of this post (me) tries to get as specific as possible when providing advice for new students. The goal is to avoid ambiguity, which leads to confusion, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of advice.

How To Have A Fantastic First Year 101

This post takes knowledge gained through years of experience and breaks it down into a usable, concise guide. Bonus: it’s full of helpful hyperlinks.

Breaking the ice…

A godsend for the socially awkward among us, this post provides tips and techniques on making new friends. Since you’ll probably meet at least 150 people over the next two weeks, this is more than a little helpful.

Some links you want to familiarize yourself with

Sentence-ending prepositions aside, this post is brilliant because it embeds what you need to know right into the page! Since so much of the world is digital these days, a guide like this is invaluable.

The No-Fear-First-Year Mini Guide to Starting at UofT

You can never have too many guides! This one provides some advice not covered in the others. And, if you’re like me, you cannever read too much about something that makes you nervous.

So, You’re Going to U of T?

This last post is less of a guide and more of a suggested mindset. I wrote it after my first year, when I knew enough to know that I did not know enough to write anything with more detail.

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