The Prenup pub

I was at UofT the other day with a group of non-UofT friends (showing off our gorgeous campus), and then it was time to eat. Right next to us on College Street were the cliches; Subway, Starbucks etc. but I was looking for something a little more different. There was an (almost sketchy looking) restaurant called the prenup pub that we chose at random, and until today, I can’t forget the mouth-watering taste of their beer-braised lamb, wrapped in phyllo pastry, and their heavenly spaghetti bolognese that was prepared with house-made red wine and beer braised portobello mushrooms.

I rarely recommend restaurants, but this one’s made an impact on me- it had really good service; the servers were super friendly and cheerful, and they constantly made honest suggestions of their own, they had an amazing beer selection; ranging from German to Belgian and Danish to Italian, and it just had a great atmosphere that brought all these different aspects together perfectly!

The restaurant was also beautiful on the inside! Their choice of furniture complimented the whole atmosphere of the restaurant, and it was a perfect end to a long day in the heat!

and so I’ve taken it upon myself as a challenge, to, once a week, visit an almost-sketchy-looking restaurant, on or around campus, just to discover great food places.

Moral of the story; never judge a book by its cover- they make for some of the best stories afterwards!

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