Louis Goes to the EX, part 2: Well, Why Would You Go?

After the Food Building our next logical stop was the rides, which were nearby. I’ve been prone to motion sickness my whole life and, as I offered my brother the chance to ride some coasters without me, he admitted that lately they made him nauseous too. With tears of pride and brotherly love, I led him to the games instead.

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Louis Goes to the EX, part 1: Food, Glorious Food

We started at the Food Building – partly because we’re gluttons, and would have ended up there anyway, but also because in recent years food has taken centre stage at the EX. Franchisers and independent chefs alike reveal new creations with catchy names and hope they go viral. The cronut burger, in 2013, sent several of the brave souls who tried it to the hospital and made headlines across the city. This year’s attention-grabbers have also been burgers (presumably of the non-sick-making kind) and poutine.

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Memories of the EX

My memories of the EX* are all night-time, blurry lights, sugar highs, and a Ferris wheel. I went with my family every year when I was a kid, and I remember the trip as a highlight of the summer – and a gentle promise that summer was almost over. My parents knew that the EX meant school was starting soon, so they really helped to make it a last hurrah. They indulged us kids in games, carnival rides, and rodeo shows. They bought junky toys at the International Pavilion. They took us to see the firemen, who for some reason always gave away Jell-O. If one of us hadn’t won a prize all night, we could throw darts or shoot water guns until we did.

I stopped going to the EX in high school, and haven’t been since. As perfect as my memories are, they’re definitely a kid’s memories. All I knew about the EX was stuff that was great for 8-year-old me, but not so much for an adult. I had no reason to go back. And I was scared I might tarnish a series of my happiest memories.

But that’s stupid, isn’t it? Thousands of adults go to the EX every year and love it. So maybe I won’t try to win a prize or beg for ice cream. There has to be something there for me now. Right?


Stay tuned for Louis’s experiences as a student at the EX and a CNE guide for students.

*AKA Canadian National Exhibition, or CNE. Get the basics here, or visit their website.

WolfPAC Presents Bare: A Pop Opera

“Bare” is a modern rock musical about a group of seniors at a Catholic boarding school. They struggle to come to terms with their identities as they feel the pressure of the Church and their peers. U of T’s newest theatre company, the Woodsworth Performing Arts Collective, will be performing “Bare: A Pop Opera” in less than two shorts weeks!

Lanndis De Lallo chose to direct this musical because the music is beautiful and poetic and the themes are relevant. We need to talk, and more than that, question.

The show will be performed from March 12th-14th 2015 at the Robert Gill Theatre (214 College St) at 8pm each night with a 2pm matinee on Saturday the 14th.


ROTMAN LENS 2015 – Sponsored by Nikon Canada

Rotman School of Management – Photography Association (RPA) is proud to present its marquee LENS 2015 photo competition in association with Nikon Canada. Including bragging rights, weekly prize of $100 and a chance to win a Nikon D3200 camera, this competition aims to support the cause of the Remix Project in Toronto which has been a great backbone to the disadvantaged youth of the city. Submissions are accepted till March 15th, 2015. The gala event will occur on March 26th at the Rotman School where the winner is announced and the top photographs from the submissions and art work provided by top photographers from the city would be auctioned off for the Remix Project of Toronto. Photographers in attendance are provided below. Detailed information about the competition and the submission link are provided below.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/LENS2015

Submission Link: http://inside.rotman.utoronto.ca/rpa/lens-form/

Top Photographers who would be judges and providing art work are:

Jalani Morgan

Taha Muharuma (Instagram: tahaphoto)

Rajeshta Julatum (Instagram: tonoraki)

Joshua Telfer 

J R Bernstein