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Printables: February 2016 Calendar

February 2016 Calendar now available for print! Instructions on these origami roses can be found below

Introducing the February 2016 calendar! The January calendar was a hit, so I’ll be continuing this line of printable calendars until April!

The calendar is available in two different sizes (click for a dropbox link)

a smaller one


a larger, full 8.5 ” x 11 ” one.

I tried to keep this calendar as universal as possible, but I just couldn’t waft away the aroma of Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or in a romantic relationship, Valentine’s Day is a day of love and care. You may go with a simple card from your local craft store for your friends, a box of chocolates for your family, or even a bouquet of roses for your special someone. Why not go with something handmade like an origami rose (this one will last you a lifetime!) Check out the pdf here for instructions.

A stem for the roses can also be made from rolling a small piece of green paper. (Disclaimer: I did not make this rose myself!)

Happy February!

blogUT Reviews: MUJI

A couple of stationary supplies from MUJI
Stationery supplies from MUJI

Muji is a “Minimalist Japanese retailer with a wide range of generic products, including apparel and home goods” (from Google). For this blog post, I’ll be reviewing a small selection from their stationery section.

Muji pens are my favourite product they offer. For a decent price, you can choose from a range of pen sizes: 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm. The 0.3 mm pens are a bit too thin, so I prefer the 0.4 mm. Their pens are quite inky: they don’t spill onto the next page but they do run out of ink fast! It’s been hardly a month into school and I’ve already burned through quite a few  (this being my second haul this semester).

To save space, I went with the tri-pen (is this even the right word for it?) Basically, it’s an empty pen capsule that lets you put in three pen inks, which you buy separately. Pen inks range from 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm and there are three basic colours to choose from: red, blue and black. Blue and black are my go-to colours.

Instead of having to haul three different pens in my pencil case, I can play it clean and simple with a tri-pen (I’m sure this is a word I’ve made up by now). Once the tri-pen’s inks run out, you can easily buy another refill and keep on writing. (I hoard a handful for convenience’s sake)

The tri-pen I was trying to describe and their pen refills.

There are also a wide range of normal coloured pens to choose from:

Some coloured pens
Some coloured pens

This is actually my first time purchasing Muji notebooks so I can’t say for certain how well they’ll fit my tastes, but they are a bit thin and I’d probably burn through them in a month as well. The biggest incentive to buying these notebooks is the decoration area they have set up right next to the cash register. After you’ve purchased your plain notebooks you can head on over to the deco-area and stamp them up with different designs (yes, the notebooks in the photo above used to be blank)! Here’s a picture of the stamp table from Google:


So if you’re into cute, simple stationery supplies, Muji is definitely the place for you! Visit their website for more information, products, and prices . Cheers!

Printables: January 2016 Calendar

January 2016 Calendar available below!
January 2016 Calendar printables available below!

Happy new year!

With a new year comes a new semester and a fresh start. To set things off, I’ll be kicking it old school with a printed January 2016 calendar. I have calendar apps on my phone, tablet, and computer, but nothing beats paper and pen. With digital apps comes reminders, but I seem to always to swipe them away with a flick of a finger. With a printed calendar, I’ll have it taped on my desk, staring me smack in the face, a continuous reminder of things to finish and deadlines to meet.

The January 2016 calendar shown above is available for download and print right here at It was designed by yours truly. Two sizes are available: a full letter sized calendar and a smaller one as pictured. Personally, I prefer the smaller calendar since my desk is pretty small, but if you’re a busybody with more things to add, the full 8.5 ” x 11 ” is definitely the one for you.

Downloads (click for direct link to Dropbox): 

Small calendar

Full letter sized (8.5 ” x 11 “) calendar

If you’re interested in a February 2016 calendar as well, comment down below and I’ll definitely whip something up!


Dorm Room Décor


University is the prime time to experience new things and reinvent yourself. While this transformation could take the form of a new haircut, a new piercing, a new wardrobe, or a new-and-improved personality, one of the easiest and most fun reinventions is redecorating your home. Although we may not realize it, A LOT of our time as students is spent in our rooms. Why? Not for sleeping of course, but for studying! That’s why as a student I try my best to surround myself with motivation. One source of this motivation is based in Toronto and named Athaliah, a home-accessory online shopping site that focuses on brightening and inspiring individuals. This business provides unique and diverse pieces of decoration. Athaliah is a lifestyle boutique that was created specifically for those looking to find pieces that cannot be found anywhere else, and will certainly make any room pop. How, you ask? Simple. Each product is from a different place in the world, and handmade. Athaliah has a variety of pieces to suit every desired look. It has a range of Handmade and Exclusive pieces, Pre-loved and Vintage Re-designs, and charming and original Inspiration and Community house plants, accent pieces, and patterned projects. With all this in mind, now you can finally mismatch the artwork on your wall, throw a cute pillow on your studying chair and place an “oh-so kawaii” plant on your desk.

Club Profile: University of Toronto Electronic Music Community (UTEMC)


Image by UTEMC

Interested in electronic music? As per one commenter’s request, read on to learn more about U of T’s only electronic music community!

blogUT: How was the UTEMC created and what is its mission?

UTEMC: The UTEMC was created by two close friends who have been going to EDM events together forever. They decided to create a club where U of T electronic music fans could come together to meet other people and attend events together, as well as foster a culture of electronic music appreciation by fans from all over the three campuses. Our mission is to establish a group of like-minded individuals with an interest in electronic music and DJ events. Our goal to is set up a place for everybody to congregate and discuss events (both upcoming and past), new music, or just to meet somebody else with whom you might share a similar electronic music taste to. Throughout the year we’re going to be hosting events to bring people together, including in-house DJing events and workshops. Continue reading Club Profile: University of Toronto Electronic Music Community (UTEMC)

The Best French-Language Films on Canadian Netflix

Netflix Canada boasts an impressive roster of foreign language films. But you already knew that (right?).

I watch French films to keep up my grasp on the language, which having left Montreal at age 14 I try with some success to maintain at an 8th-grade level. I love French films for their originality (compared to Hollywood’s endless stream of sequels and reboots) and startling array of strong leading ladies. To follow is my list of what I consider to be Netflix’s best, all of which feature English subtitles. In no particular order:

  1. Romantics Anonymous (2010)

Watch two incredibly awkward people who share a passion for chocolate fall in love. Sounds like every relationship ever to me.

“The tale of two pathologically shy chocolate makers who are meant for each other but are too afraid to connect is a mug of warm cocoa with marshmallow topping that produces a comfy feel-good glow.”- Stephen Holden, New York Times

2. The Intouchables (2012)

A runaway hit both in France and abroad, this film will leave you with all the feels and warm-fuzzies.

“In this sentimental feel-good saga of an ultra-wealthy quadriplegic and the petty criminal who becomes his caretaker, the chemistry between the two lead actors goes a considerable way toward elevating the broad-strokes culture clash. That’s crucial to a film that is, in essence, a love story.” Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times Continue reading The Best French-Language Films on Canadian Netflix


13th Annual Regent Park Film Festival

Celebrate diversity, community, and creativity at the 13th Annual Regent Park Film Festival. The best of emerging filmmaking talent and films from around the world.

November 18 – 21 at Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St. East, Toronto).



As Toronto’s only free-of-charge multi-cultural community film festival, we are dedicated to showcasing local and international cinematic works relevant to inner-city communities. Continue reading 13th Annual Regent Park Film Festival