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Study Areas at UTSG for Those Who Can’t Study in Silence

Dog Sleeping in her Notebook after Studying
Me after Studying

If you’re like me, the silence of a reading room in a library is terrifying and soul-diluting. You sit there without sound, yet still surrounded by many fellow human beings all of whom you know are capable of making noise. You struggle to read the next word of your textbook, but wait- was that a gust of wind blowing? No, it was merely that guy two tables over exhaling slightly louder than usual. Oh dear heavens, now you need to turn the page, but you’ll disturb EVERYONE in that room with the little waves of air caused by that single second of rotating a piece of paper 180 degrees. What to do? This is bad. You hear thumping sounds now- are you hallucinating? This place is suppose to be silent, and- oh gosh, that’s your own heartbeat. What if they can hear it?! Why are your thoughts suddenly yelling? Get out! Out before you disturb the peace! OH NO, PACKING YOUR THINGS UP IS CREATING DEAFENING DISTRACTIONS THROUGHOUT THE ROOM. No choice but to just sit there immobile until EVERYONE ELSE LEAVES.

So I never study in a silent zone. In fact, I also try to avoid the abyss of Robarts. Some people feel the dreary opaque walls that confine you inside and away from the sunlight helps them focus. But not I. I can’t handle such places of emptiness.

On occasion I will choose to study on campus regardless. Normally I’d invite a friend or two so as not to feel so lonely. But you can’t talk in libraries- so I’ve gone out of my way to find my top three study locations on campus where talking at an audible volume is totally okay.

E.J Pratt Lounge

I hesitated to mention this gem of a study spot because I’ve always considered it my special little under-rated hideaway. But no more. You can eat, talk, study, and more in the Pratt basement; there are even meeting rooms you can use without appointment. Bonus for the insanely comfy couches and chairs.

The Buttery, The Larkin Building

Good food (Pizza Pizza) and good drinks (Starbucks) in addition to tons of seating make this a great study area for prolonged cramming with friends. For more privacy, there is a separate seating area for reading and the occasional self-conscious nap.

The Two Study Areas in Sidney Smith

I didn’t even know how to get into these rooms until second year. But that’s just me. Now I find myself in Sid Smith studying more than anywhere else on campus. I always manage to find a place to sit, and there is always just the right amount of hustle and bustle to keep me studying without falling asleep to the lulls of strangers breathing.

Club Profile: University of Toronto Electronic Music Community (UTEMC)


Image by UTEMC

Interested in electronic music? As per one commenter’s request, read on to learn more about U of T’s only electronic music community!

blogUT: How was the UTEMC created and what is its mission?

UTEMC: The UTEMC was created by two close friends who have been going to EDM events together forever. They decided to create a club where U of T electronic music fans could come together to meet other people and attend events together, as well as foster a culture of electronic music appreciation by fans from all over the three campuses. Our mission is to establish a group of like-minded individuals with an interest in electronic music and DJ events. Our goal to is set up a place for everybody to congregate and discuss events (both upcoming and past), new music, or just to meet somebody else with whom you might share a similar electronic music taste to. Throughout the year we’re going to be hosting events to bring people together, including in-house DJing events and workshops. Continue reading Club Profile: University of Toronto Electronic Music Community (UTEMC)

Five Questions for Hangry’s Co-Founders


Hangry is an amazing new service that launched at UofT last month. Just download the app and you can find, order, and pay for food on campus using your mobile phone. On November 4, Hangry was featured on the CBC Television series Dragons’ Den. We sat down with Mark Scattolon and Fabian Raso, the co-founders of Hangry, to learn more about the service. Continue reading Five Questions for Hangry’s Co-Founders

Club Profile: University of Toronto Public Speaking Club (UTPS)

Have you ever been afraid of public speaking? I know I have! Interested in improving? Then see what the University of Toronto Public Speaking Club (UTPS) is all about!

blogUT: How was the University of Toronto Public Speaking Club (UTPS) created and what is its mission?

UTPS: The University of Toronto Public Speaking Club (UTPS) is a student-led campus group, open to all three campuses at the University of Toronto. Established in 2013, it aims to give students an opportunity to overcome their public speaking fears and to improve their oral communication skills in a welcoming and supportive community. Continue reading Club Profile: University of Toronto Public Speaking Club (UTPS)

10 Signs You Should Dump Him


You’re new to Toronto. I was there once too, just a young girl arriving from the beautiful, cultural, and romantic country of Italy. Since I was used to true gentlemen there, I had no idea that arriving in Toronto would mean entering the world of…Netflix and Chill. The purpose of this article is to save the young ladies of UofT the time and effort spent on trying to determine why he’s acting so strange and how to cut to the chase. Here are the signs that he’s no good.

  1. He never has time for you UNLESS it’s to do the “chill” part.                                         A text message takes 15 seconds to write…Don’t let him fool you, he has the time…just not for your personality. :)
  2. He always makes excuses for his actions, or even worse, blames you when things go wrong.  Always find that you are the one to blame for his failing an exam, or his friends being mad at him? Maybe you should remind him that he’s the one who says things he doesn’t mean and that you on the other hand are his saving grace.
  3. He looks like P. Diddy on your first “date.”                                                                          Date is an understatement. You had high priorities and expectations for your first date, a romantic night with bright stars and love-filled air…not with this guy. Unfortunately, you had to give those up after he kept saying “no” to everything that didn’t involve a mattress or spending money, so you ended up doing the typical warning bells date “Netflix and Chill.” What’s worse? After consulting your wardrobe for what seemed like centuries, doing your make-up and making sure you smelled like a baby pageant queen, he shows up like he just woke up from a nap and greets you saying “wassup.” Running away yet?
  4. Every time you say his name to girls it’s like you started a hot potato game.      Do you find that if you bring him up to girls they always seem to a) get nervous b) make the face you make when you’re about to puke or c) full-on tell you he’s a player? Pack yo bags hunny.
  5. He forgets IMPORTANT details. If your man is constantly forgetting about major plans you made together, what your relationship status is, or details about who you are, that’s slightly concerning. You should either a) ditch or b) get him a calendar.
  6. His stories never add up.                                                                                                                  I’ll admit it, sometimes a little white lie doesn’t hurt anybody. However, if his stories about his night out with the bros, his actions, or social media stories don’t add up EVER, then maybe it’s time to confront the fact that his lies might be both big and hurtful to you.
  7. He never wants to be seen in public with you, but is sliding into your DM’s every five seconds.                                                                                                                                              I get it. Some people (including myself) don’t like PDA, but when your partner is purposely finding reasons to not be seen with you in front of people he knows, especially girls, that’s a pretty big red flag.
  8. He tells his guy friends about you but not his girl “friends.” Honey, the girls aren’t friends.
  9. When you try to talk about what you two are, he suddenly turns into Louis C.K. You finally get the courage to ask him the question that could change everything, that’s been bothering you for months: what are we? However, the courage is not rewarded as every time a question about what you two are together comes up you suddenly become host to a comedy show. He manages to turn every single attempt to legitimize the relationship into a light-hearted joke until you give up and he takes the opportunity to change the subject
  10. He doesn’t appreciate you.                                                                                                         This man fails to realize the obvious. You are the moon, not one of them dimly lit stars! He was blessed enough to receive your time, kindness, affection, and love but failed to notice and undermined you. Do yourself a favour and shine even brighter without him! After all, you aren’t the kind of girl who gives up just like that.

Club Profile: Treasure Map UofT

Treasure Map U of T

Image by Treasure Map UofT

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure in the mystical land of U of T? Well, look no further! Here is the first part of our clubs series.

blogUT: How was Treasure Map UofT created and what is its mission?

Treasure Map UofT: Treasure Map UofT was created on the vision of bringing students into an inclusive environment to achieve something different and step out of their comfort zone. Be it as small as finding your new favourite spot in this campus jungle through Treasure Hunts or as fulfilling as developing confidence and event-planning skills through our various projects. It’s your treasure, find it!

blogUT: What does Treasure Map UofT do/how can students participate? Is there a set time commitment/is it flexible?

Treasure Map UofT: We welcome all individuals who would like to meet new friends and have fun! Students can be participants of TMapUT events such as Treasure Hunts (campus-wide scavenger hunts). To take the next step, we would like to invite all students to be part of our projects, where we impact a greater body of students by initiating interaction and spreading positivity. Currently, the Treasure Hunts happen on the third Thursday of each month. Planning and preparation of projects will come in the weeks without the Treasure Hunts. More information will be released soon.

blogUT: Why should students participate/join your club?

Treasure Map UofT: We encourage students to take 2 hours a month out of their hectic school life to engage in a pre-planned fun filled activity, since we understand how stressful university is. Not only will participants be able to relax and momentarily forget about their woes, they are provided with a great opportunity to build new friendships. Running around like a maniac, bonding over random mishaps, a chance of nibbling on some free food, what’s not to like?

blogUT: Would it be easy for commuters to get involved?

Treasure Map UofT: YES! Our schedules are flexible and not demanding of huge commitments. The Treasure Hunts especially benefit commuter students who often go between classes and home for the days at the university. Through the fun events, you can take your mind off from school work for an hour and explore the campus that you have never seen before.

blogUT: What is the most interesting or exciting thing that your club has done?

Treasure Map UofT: Although we didn’t “do” it, we are on the front page of the Ulife website!!! Other than that, who has ever volunteered into the maze that is the University College or had a sword fight in the quad of Trinity College?

blogUT: How can students contact Treasure Map UofT/find out more about the club?

Treasure Map UofT: If you ever feel compelled to join in on one of our events or help plan our projects, we would love for you to contact us! We have a fantabulous Facebook page and will be putting up a website soon. Feel free to also shoot us an email at for any burning questions or to simply subscribe to our list serve. Lastly, if you spot an executive Royal Court member, feel free to approach us; that’s what we’re here to facilitate!

blogUT: Is there anything else that you would like students to know about Treasure Map UofT?

Treasure Map UofT: Be bold and open to experiences and opportunities. Give yourself a chance to try everything out at least once. Academic related experiences are not the only way to grow.

Stay tuned for more club profiles!