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List of UofT Related Facebook Pages

Oh social media, how well you can provide instant gratification and escape for the short attention-spanned generation. I’m going to attempt to compile a list of funny UofT related facebook pages because I realized there are a lot of them. Let’s begin.

Stuff UofT Professors Say

“UofT Professors say the funniest things. Inbox us your favourite prof quotes.”

Likes to date: 6 853
Frequency: Variable- Usually 2-5 posts/week

Recent Posts:

“Nothing in this world is perfect. Except my wife, when she can hear me.” – Prof. Mohammad Mojahedi ECE357

Student: “So what are you going to do for Valentine’s day?”
“You know, I am really tempted to say ‘Your Mom’. Good thing I didn’t.” – Prof. David Liu CSC236

“Has anybody heard of APOG? It’s a very important technique for this course. Okay write it down: A, P, O, G. It stands for……”the Awesome Power Of Genetics”- Prof McCourt BIO260

Spotted at UofT

“Have you seen someone at uoft and you would like to send him or her an anonymous message? This is the place! Send us a private message and we’ll post it anonymously.”

Likes to date: 6 467
Frequency: Frequent! 3-7 posts/day

Recent Posts:

I’m hopelessly in love with one of my best friend’s longtime girlfriend, any advice?

Shout out to one of the robarts starbucks employees who gave me a free second coffee just because it was sunday! You made my day!

Hey, anyone got stories about weird stuff happening to them in Queen’s Park?

UofT Memes

“Make your memes @ & send them in!”

Likes to date: 11 880
Frequency: Sporadic- Used to be 2-4 posts/week, recently dwindling

Recent Posts:


Things U of T Students Don’t Say

“Certain things you will never hear a University of Toronto student say. Feel free to send anything you would like us to share!”

Likes to date: 3 165
Frequency: Frequent! 2-8 posts/day

Recent Posts:

“I’m sure the average won’t be that bad, the professor wants us to do well!”

“I sleep.”

“I did well on my math tutorial quizzes, looks like I’m ready for the last question on the midterm!”

Humans of The University of Toronto

“Humans of The University of Toronto is a photographic census of all the lovely people who go to UofT.”

Likes to date: 4 672
Frequency: Frequent, 2-6 posts/day

Recent Posts:

“I love reading anthropology…that’s what I’m gonna do right now…
*moment of silence*
…I’m very weird.”

“What makes UofT special?”
“It’s a place where you can live, laugh, love.”
“Ok seriously though, UofT is a place of incredible opportunity. Yes, it is huge, yes it’s impersonal, but that’s the real world for you. It gives you space to try as many new things as you want. You have to look for it though. I found it outside of the classroom through student groups through which I taught in Istanbul, did development work in Kenya, and currently working on a startup idea to help students stop smoking in Toronto.”


I’m certain there are many more, but I didn’t want this to be an overly long post. If you like any UofT related facebook page, add it in comments below!

The OC: A Review

So, I just finished watching The OC and, I must say, I was skeptical about the show near the beginning. I even got bored at certain points but, now that I’ve finished it, I realize how much I truly loved the show. For those who haven’t watched, it’s about a 14-year-old kid named Ryan, whose mother is an alcoholic and whose Dad and brother are in jail.

The show begins with public defence lawyer Sandy Cohen bailing Ryan out of jail (Ryan’s brother forced him to help steal a car) and, after seeing how hopeless Ryan’s situation is, he decides to bring him home. Sandy lives in Newport Beach, where everyone is extremely rich: they all have huge mansions and all the teenagers have their own cars. Soon, Ryan becomes part of the Cohen family and bonds with Sandy’s son, Seth, who is a social outcast until Ryan comes into his life. From there on, Ryan meets Marissa, who is a popular and attractive girl. Things get especially complicated as Marissa’s boyfriend starts getting into fights with Ryan. By the end of the show, you see how much everyone’s lives (including Ryan’s) have been impacted because of Ryan’s arrival to Newport.

This show does a believable job of presenting the class issues involved in having a “poor kid” move in with a “rich family”. Others have pointed out that it avoided the initial cliché by having Ryan and Seth become friends, but later episodes have shown that, in spite of their friendship and common interests (like comic books), there are still deeper issues of class and sexuality that show how different their worlds really are.

Finally, I was surprised to see that the writers were actually able to make me care about the problems of the rich characters! (The adults, anyway.) For too many nighttime soap operas, portraying the “problems of the rich” are just a way to get us “unwashed” types to sneer at the problems that money brings (“I wish I had those problems!”). In The OC, the writers actually explore questions of money, class, and love in the various adult couples in a way that brings Jane Austen to mind; we can relate to the struggles the characters are going through even if their day-to-day lives are completely foreign from our own.

If you haven’t watched this show or still feel skeptical, I suggest you watch the first 5-6 episodes. I’m sure you’ll be hooked.

Win Tickets to the Advance Screening of


BlogUT wants you and a friend to win advance screening tickets to see BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. In the comments section below, enter the name of the lead actress in the movie for your chance to win tickets to this awesome movie!

A supernatural love story set in the South, “Beautiful Creatures” tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers:  Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich), a young man longing to escape his small town, and Lena (Alice Englert), a mysterious new girl.  Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their town.


For more information about the movie, check out the trailer below.
BEAUTIFUL CREATURES hits theatres February 14!



SAW Sexy Social: The Student Sex Club Adventure

So I’m sure many of you are now aware that next week the Sexual Education Centre (SEC) here at U of T is holding its annual Sexual Awareness Week (SAW). And it all kicks off with a Sex Club Adventure!

Now that I have your full attention, you may also have noticed quite a lot of publicity around this first event in SAW. I’ve been following the topic around the corners of the triple ‘w’ for the past few days and will attempt to summarize my findings.


  • SEC starts SAW off by renting out a sex club for the day

“Come out and enjoy all the amenities of Toronto’s best sex club with your favorite group of friends. SEC has rented out the Oasis Aqua Lounge to allow students to enjoy the space at a greatly reduced cost with a crowd of their peers. Just show your student card at the door and you and your guests can enjoy the hot tub, heated outdoor pool, bar, and sauna.” (Event Facebook Page)

Clearing Up Confusions

  • This is not an orgy.
  • There is no pressure to have sex.
  • No nudity until 7pm (note time change from original plans). Even past 7pm you will not be pressured to go nude.
  • Any sexual activity will be limited to the top floor.
  • The first floor is reserved for neutral, social interaction.
  • Queer friendly!
  • The usual rules that the Oasis Aqua Lounge enforces will not apply (ie. Don’t base your assumptions of the social off the Oasis FAQ!).
  • All students are allowed – the party’s not limited to U of T. There’s an age limit of 35, and an age requirement of 19+ after 7pm.
  • SEC is all about making people feel comfortable with their sexuality – you should not expect to feel pressure to do anything.
  • Various SEC volunteers/Exec will be present to make sure no unwanted attention is received and to intervene if needed.

Various Media Associated

Reddit – Original SEC post

As far as I understand, here is one of the original posts made about the event. Several SEC volunteers, Exec, and previous attendees are answering questions and dealing with the various trolls.

Reddit – Waterloo invited (First use of word “orgy”)

And here’s where all the controversy and attacks started. The author of the post used the word “orgy” loosely and jokingly to refer to the event. SEC formally stated in various media that this is NOT an orgy.

The Star – First public media attention of the event

Did I mention that sometimes I enjoy reading through comments on an especially controversial article just to laugh at people? This article basically sums up the information and controversy at the time.

CBC – We’ve reached nation-wide audiences!

And, of course, CBC hops right on the band wagon to submit it’s own collection of tweets and quotes!

Kiss 92.5 – Interview with Dylan Tower, organizer of event

Dylan Tower speaks out to give formal information about the event. This is good for anyone who doesn’t believe any information written in the previous articles that I have provided.

The Star – More cleared information

And just Thursday a second article came out in the Star on the event. This focuses on a lot more on what SEC had to say.

My General Blurb

While I was unable to attend this event last year, I also don’t really recall it. Clearly media attention has been super hyped up this year – potentially good and bad. Probably because this year it’s open to students from outside U of T.

However, I do hear from my good friend on SEC as well as from posts and comments that last year the event went wonderfully. There wasn’t as much sex as you would imagine and there was mostly just normal socializing like any other bar night. The club has a heated outdoor pool, which I heard was used as the location for a snowball fight last year. And that sounds pretty awesome.

I’d also like to personally add that SEC is really all about promoting positivity and acceptance when it comes to sexual issues. And, let’s face it, sex is very much prevalent in student life – sweeping it under the carpet and not giving people access to education on safety and contraceptives will probably do more harm than good. But I also feel that, in the end, SAW isn’t going to be only about focusing on sex itself but will also open the doors for people to better accept sexual differences. And I think, at the end of the day, while you may not agree with someone else, as long as you can accept their differences the world might not be such an intimidating place any more.

So as with every other article on this topi, I am totally looking forward to the comments. But I also ask that everyone be polite and unassuming in their commenting because this is such an overblown issue now and I honestly don’t think anyone wants to do anyone else harm. Let’s all get along yes? :)

U of T on Twitter

Looking to follow some campus organizations on Twitter? Look no further. Here’s your comprehensive guide to U of T on Twitter.

The basics: 

Departments: Here are a few departments with twitter accounts that I could find. Feel free to add more if you know of them in the comments.

Publications & Journals: Again, add missed ones in comments!


Student Life: Did I miss your club? Link it in the comments!

Health & Wellness: 


Did I miss anything? Definitely, considering the zillion Twitter accounts attributed to our amazing and massive school. Feel free to add in my regretful omissions in the comments section!

When it Rains it Pours! and, Time Management for Idiots

I spent fifteen minutes scrolling through Wikipedia’s list of cognitive biases – I can do that now, instead of studying – looking for something that perfectly describes what I’m sure I’m not feeling. It’s like the Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy but not; it’s more like the old adage, “when it rains, it pours”. It’s the incorrect inference that the events in our lives happen in patterns of lots at once and then few or none for a while. It’s when we’re so psyched up by one thing that we add more meaning to others and make them seem bigger. It’s not what I’m feeling.
Google Calendar can confirm that this isn’t just in my head: the past week (which I realized as I wrote this has been less than three days) has been hellish, jam-packed with obligations, responsibilities, duties, and synonyms. It started with a take-home test and an essay due on Tuesday, then an in-class test on Wednesday, and finally a rhetoric analysis, two question sets, and a mid-term today. In the control group, I had a one-page analysis due last week and another due next week.
This won’t be a surprise to the seasoned students out there, clucking their tongues and shaking their heads as they read about this unsuspecting schmuck who got blindsided by poor scheduling. Of course assignments are due in chunks, they say. That’s how it works. Unfortunately, that’s not how I work. If adrenaline junkies are folks who seek out thrills to get their epinephrine pumping, I’m the naive kid in the sweater-vest wondering if you should be doing that in here because you could get in trouble. I hate stress, pressure, and deadlines and I cannot stand the taste of coffee.
So what does this mean for you, the student who’s actively reading blogUT? In most cases, you’re not me* and you don’t really care how I feel or how many problem sets I had due today. You’re reading this for useful information, not the directionless diatribes of the dysfunctional. You’re about to turn away, maybe check out 9gag or something, when suddenly you see:

3 Time-Management Tips for Time-Management Idiots

Un-Schedule Your Day
Everyone will tell you it’s best to plan out what you’re going to do ahead of time so you don’t get sidetracked. But to those of us who are so skilled at wasting time that we do it anyway, there’s another option. At the end of every day, write down exactly how you spent the past 24 hours. It will show you where you’re wasting time most and give you the chance to avoid those mistakes the next day. It’s much easier to eliminate specific problem areas than it is to eliminate all of them with a sweeping gesture and the phrase “STUDY 1:00-5:00” in pen. Chronic websurfers even get a boon in the form of internet history – it’ll tell you exactly what you were doing and when, unless you used private browsing. And if you did, I don’t wanna know why.

“While I’m Here” is the Stupidest Argument Ever
It’s also how my mother gets me to buy new pants. We go to Yorkdale to return something or something, then, “oh, the Bay is having a sale! While we’re here…”. Being on the computer does not mean you should check your email/Facebook/Neopets account any more than being near a drop-in clinic means you should get a colonoscopy. Decide why you’re doing something, do it for that reason, then move on.

Imagine You’re Never Alone
Shame is the most powerful emotion, it’s been said. Slacking off is easy when you’ve no one to answer to but yourself, but when you imagine that someone – especially someone you’d hate to disappoint – is watching you it becomes much less appealing. Are your parents paying for your education? If so, imagine what they’d say. Do you have an academic rival? S/he’s probably hard at work right now: you better get to it.

*Though I do re-read old posts sometimes. Hi, future me!