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Competitiveness: How It Can Make or Break You


Ah, competitiveness. How we’ve all had those moments when we wanted to be better than your friend, your class, or maybe even the entire school. The spirit of competition and that lingering sense of superiority exists within all of us. It’s no surprise that in a place like a university, competition is in everyone. It’s really how we utilize that drive that ultimately forms the dividing line between pushing yourself to succeed and running yourself into the ground. Continue reading Competitiveness: How It Can Make or Break You

10 Signs You Should Dump Him


You’re new to Toronto. I was there once too, just a young girl arriving from the beautiful, cultural, and romantic country of Italy. Since I was used to true gentlemen there, I had no idea that arriving in Toronto would mean entering the world of…Netflix and Chill. The purpose of this article is to save the young ladies of UofT the time and effort spent on trying to determine why he’s acting so strange and how to cut to the chase. Here are the signs that he’s no good.

  1. He never has time for you UNLESS it’s to do the “chill” part.                                         A text message takes 15 seconds to write…Don’t let him fool you, he has the time…just not for your personality. :)
  2. He always makes excuses for his actions, or even worse, blames you when things go wrong.  Always find that you are the one to blame for his failing an exam, or his friends being mad at him? Maybe you should remind him that he’s the one who says things he doesn’t mean and that you on the other hand are his saving grace.
  3. He looks like P. Diddy on your first “date.”                                                                          Date is an understatement. You had high priorities and expectations for your first date, a romantic night with bright stars and love-filled air…not with this guy. Unfortunately, you had to give those up after he kept saying “no” to everything that didn’t involve a mattress or spending money, so you ended up doing the typical warning bells date “Netflix and Chill.” What’s worse? After consulting your wardrobe for what seemed like centuries, doing your make-up and making sure you smelled like a baby pageant queen, he shows up like he just woke up from a nap and greets you saying “wassup.” Running away yet?
  4. Every time you say his name to girls it’s like you started a hot potato game.      Do you find that if you bring him up to girls they always seem to a) get nervous b) make the face you make when you’re about to puke or c) full-on tell you he’s a player? Pack yo bags hunny.
  5. He forgets IMPORTANT details. If your man is constantly forgetting about major plans you made together, what your relationship status is, or details about who you are, that’s slightly concerning. You should either a) ditch or b) get him a calendar.
  6. His stories never add up.                                                                                                                  I’ll admit it, sometimes a little white lie doesn’t hurt anybody. However, if his stories about his night out with the bros, his actions, or social media stories don’t add up EVER, then maybe it’s time to confront the fact that his lies might be both big and hurtful to you.
  7. He never wants to be seen in public with you, but is sliding into your DM’s every five seconds.                                                                                                                                              I get it. Some people (including myself) don’t like PDA, but when your partner is purposely finding reasons to not be seen with you in front of people he knows, especially girls, that’s a pretty big red flag.
  8. He tells his guy friends about you but not his girl “friends.” Honey, the girls aren’t friends.
  9. When you try to talk about what you two are, he suddenly turns into Louis C.K. You finally get the courage to ask him the question that could change everything, that’s been bothering you for months: what are we? However, the courage is not rewarded as every time a question about what you two are together comes up you suddenly become host to a comedy show. He manages to turn every single attempt to legitimize the relationship into a light-hearted joke until you give up and he takes the opportunity to change the subject
  10. He doesn’t appreciate you.                                                                                                         This man fails to realize the obvious. You are the moon, not one of them dimly lit stars! He was blessed enough to receive your time, kindness, affection, and love but failed to notice and undermined you. Do yourself a favour and shine even brighter without him! After all, you aren’t the kind of girl who gives up just like that.

A How-To Guide for Getting Involved


Like most U of T students, I planned my high school career with the ultimate goal of achieving perfect grades so that I could have my choice of prestigious universities. When I got into that university (U of T, of course), I planned to be president of this and staff writer of that, and have time to go to the gym at least every other day, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. In short, I planned to have the perfect university experience.

During Clubs Day, I put my name down for about ten different clubs and committees. I can’t say there was any rhyme or reason to my choices, other than a vague sense that it “sounded cool” (that’s why Muy Thai kickboxing and beekeeping club were among them). During the first week of classes, I attended the informal open-house meetings for some of these groups. But my plans started dissolving by the end of September. As I tried to adjust to a new city, residence life, and the rapid pace of university classes, I found there was no space in my brain left for Muay Thai kickboxing or beekeeping or hitting the gym.

Now that I’ve navigated the first year of university life, I feel more confident in my ability to wrestle the proverbial monkey off my back and really experience the cool stuff that U of T offers outside the classroom (believe it or not, there is a lot of cool stuff). Lucky for you BlogUT readers, my first-year mistakes have become your Guide to Getting Involved For Real This Time: Continue reading A How-To Guide for Getting Involved

Regretting UofT? Don’t.

Let’s start off by saying UofT is an amazing institution to begin with, but it’s no secret university can be somewhat soul sucking. I know there are some of you who have regrets about choosing UofT, or feel as though university is not for you. Perhaps some of you want to transfer to a smaller city, or a more social university. Yes UofT can be very daunting and secluded, even with all the efforts the university makes to get you involved. I’m sure there are hundreds of student feeling the same weight and loneliness at UofT as you. Living in a huge city like Toronto certainly has it’s ups and downs.

Ups: Opportunities are everywhere and it’s calling your name. Any interests/passions you may have (music, clubbing, life-drawing, thrift-shopping) or not sure what your passions are, it’s out there. And last but not least, absorbing culture and diversity. Toronto prides itself on its diversity and it makes you a more humble person without you even knowing it. For example, if you are in the LGBT community there are hundreds of organizations/events that you can partake in. Not every place in the world would have that. Now the trick is finding where all these amazing things are.

Downs: Having a million things to do but not knowing where to go or what to do. Being invisible in a sea of people. Nobody caring who you are or what you do. Highschool for me sucked simply because it was not what I expected and I felt out of place and alone. There were no such thing as cliques or rumours at my high-school because nobody cared or knew you well enough to play the stereotypes. A lot of people from my residence who came from small towns, amazed me with their stories of how Americanized their schools were. You know that whole party, jocks, nerds, mean girls, scandalous gossips thing. And a part of me has always wanted that since that is what I am conditioned to expect through Americanized programming. But it was mostly community that I wanted, and I came into university expecting to meet people like myself, get connected, and feel a sense of community.

However that has not been the case yet, since UofT is quite isolating. The hardest thing at UofT besides the overbearing amount of work, is the lack of social-life. Funny thing is we knew coming to UofT would mean forfeiting our social-life. Even moving into residence was not that helpful since everyone is busy with their own lives and not everyone makes the effort. It’s difficult to network and build connections in such a vast city of over 5 million people and even harder if you were a commuter. All I have to say to you guys is don’t worry. Truth of the matter is, you are getting one of the best educations in the world, and though it’s challenging and it’s a lot of hard work, it makes you a stronger, more well-crafted person. The key is to find balance between work and play.

I know everyone says this, but seriously, it doesn’t matter if you graduate with a 4.0 GPA if you’re lacking the communication skills you need to nail an interview to land the job.

A secret to happiness for you and your friends?

While walking inside the bookstore at Bay and Bloor in search of a new book to read this Saturday evening, I happened to walk over one of my favourite classics, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”  As I opened to a random page, I was turned to one policy that really significantly improved my happiness and quality of life since I first opened the book.  The policy?

Continue reading A secret to happiness for you and your friends?

The Ten People You Will Sit Next to on the Greyhound

Let’s face it, the Greyhound is gross.  But it’s cheap, and when you’re in a long distance relationship, or within driving distance from your home, it’s usually the better option than flying or the train.  But each time you step foot onto that confining, sticky cesspool, you play a dangerous game: who will be your seat companion for the duration of your trip?  Whether it be a an hour-long cinch or a half-day doozy, the person sitting next to you can make all the difference in your Greyhound experience.  So, with no further ado, I give you the ten people you will sit next to on the Greyhound.

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