Post-bar, Pizza Gigi for sure! Date night, Cafe Diplimatico in Little Italy has a great patio and amazing pizza :)
-Elena Moore

Pizza Gigi
189 Harbord St.  | (416) 535-4444

“Stop in for a taste of Italy at Pizza Gigi! In business for over 41 years, we are a family-oriented restaurant that serves the best pizza with only the finest fresh ingredients. Dine in or take out a piping hot pie tonight. We offer small, medium, large and extra large sizes with all the freshest traditional toppings, such as savory sausage and spicy pepperoni. You can choose from thin and thick crust.”

 Cafe Diplimatico
594 College St. | (416) 534-4637
“Cafe Diplomatico was first opened in 1968 by Rocco Mastrangelo Sr., shortly thereafter younger brother Paul came on board. The brothers envisioned having a typical Italian bar where Italian nationals could gather in the morning over coffee. At a time in Toronto when outdoor dining was almost unheard of, the sunny patio quickly caught on and now almost 4 decades later what started out as an innovation in the neighborhood has now set the standard. Over the years the popularity of the Diplomatico has caused the bar to expand into a full restaurant eventually taking over the store next door as well. The dip (as it is affectionately referred to by it’s many regulars) has had staying power due to it’s versatile & reasonably priced menu paired with it’s comfortable & unpretentious atmosphere.”
Not super close to UofT but the best is Terroni!

57 Adelaide St E | (416) 203-3093
720 Queen Street W | (416) 504-0320


“Terroni is rooted in traditional Italian cuisine, wine, and culture and we work tirelessly to give our customers a distinctly southern Italian experience.”

One Reply to “Pizza”

  1. @ CoraPizza: The following is fair comment:

    As of March 19, 2015, I promise I have first hand experience working at this disgusting immoral restaurant.

    I promise that, even though there are new owner’s the same unconsionable disingenuous health conduct continues at Cora Pizza.

    I promise that staff continuously smoke inside Cora Pizza. It doesn’t matter if :

    a) they are making dough,
    b) prepping the 5th rate moldy vegetables, or
    c) making a pizza.

    Rightly or wrongly, it is my opinion that the smoking staff at Cora Pizza are so contemptuous of health laws, they willingly refuse to wash their hands before during or after smoking while preping/making your food.

    Amazing enough, the staff at Cora Pizza freely elect the following:

    “I know the law”.

    Oh really? Let me get this right. The smokeaholic pizza makers “…know the law”.

    I fail to understand.

    If, the smokeaholic pizza makers at Cora Pizza “…know the law” then, the smokeaholic pizza makers @Cora Pizza should have known, and, or, ought to have known:

    A. It is unlawful to smoke in the workplace;

    B. It is unlawful to smoke in the workplace and prep food or, make dough or, make a pizza at the same time;

    C. It is unlawful to expose other workers to second hand smoke in the workplace; and

    D. It is unlawful to endanger the lives of other people.

    Sooooooo, as the smokeaholic pizza makers @CoraPizza know the law and keeping the hereinbefore mentioned in mind, the smokeaholic pizza makers at Cora Pizza willfully and negligently smoke in the workplace. I wonder if the smokeaholic pizza makers @CoraPizza understand intent?

    If, you want to eat smoke filled cigarette ash laden moldy food served out of moldy containers, then Cora Pizza is the place to go and endanger not ONLY your life, but the lives of children of tender years.

    Have a smoke inside when you are done.

    After all, the smokeaholic pizza makers @CoraPizza can smoke inside, so why can’t you?

    Filthy pigs won’t even wash off the nicotine stained walls and ceilings. Inspecting the Dine Safe website will reveal the same numerous unsafe health practices previously issued against Cora Pizza.

    Oh yes, they also have a bully smokeaholic pizza maker employed there by the name of Majid.

    Claims he is a tough guy.

    Don’t ever threaten me again Majid. You are a disgusting bully. I was in the military for nine years. My job was to defend my country so people like you can have the privilege to become a Canadian citizen so you could threaten me and willfully negligently and with intent endanger other people’s lives because you are a smokeaholic …. I dont think so buddy boy.

    Majid, The following is a warning to you under the Criminal Code:

    34 (1) A person is not guilty of an offence if

    (a) they believe on reasonable grounds that force is being used against them or another person or that a threat of force is being made against them or another person;
    (b) the act that constitutes the offence is committed for the purpose of defending or protecting themselves or the other person from that use or threat of force…

    You did state to me Majid: “I am fucking crazy”. “You don’t understand how crazy I am”….blah blah bullshit fuk face bully speech to a guy who still is willing to put bullets in the enemy so you can have the privilege. ..NOT THE RIGHT to threaten me.

    The next time you threaten me Majid just remember I am a trained killer. I actively workout by running, elliptical, spin, rowing, BodyCombat, kickboxing, Judo, Kung Fu, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, karate just to name a few.

    I lift press push pull from 5#’s-900#’s. You have threatened me twice. The next time I will elect my rights to self-defense by using the maximum amount of force necessary up to and including lethal force against you in order to protect myself against you Majid.

    You Majid need to cover up your hairy arms when you are making pizza just like the law states.

    You need to wear a hat and beard guard just like the law states

    You need to be clean before you even touch anything in that place.

    Oh no wait. The bully Majid is a pizza maker smokeaholic who smokes his fuking face off when he is prepping and making your food. I promise I witnessed Majid pick up his cigarette, take a puff or two, put the burning cigarette right beside the cheese he was cutting for your pizza, and started handling the cheese for your food without washing his hands and kept right on smoking and cutting the cheese for your food and didn’t wash his hands and kept smoking over the cheese and putting the burning cigarette right beside the cheese etc etc etc. Remember, the smokeaholic pizza makers @CoraPizza state: “I know the law”.

    The smokeaholic pizza makers refuse to clean the dough pans properly and mold is growing in the crevices of the dough pans.

    You are eating mold.

    Cora Pizza was shut down previously for this very fact.

    Cora Pizza and its’ smokeaholic staff are despicable for smoking in the work place and bullying and endangering other people’s lives.

    Save your life …. and your children’s lives. … stay away from Cora Pizza.

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