Friends in Bellwoods

For something a little different than the university related events this Friday night, the CD release show for the Friends in Bellwoods Compilation is happening at Tranzac. Not only is this an album chock full of local talent, but all the proceeds from the CD are being donated to the Daily Food Bank (how can you go wrong?).

For the paltry price of $10 you can catch Sebstian Grainger, The Paramedics (Bry Webb’s, of the Constantines, solo project), Ohbijou and, The D’urbervilles. Should make for a great night. More information about the show, the album, and all of the artists involved can be found here:

If youíre stopping by the show, bring some non-perishable food stuffs while youíre at it… donations are being taken at the door from what Iíve heard.

Back to School Fun

Godiva Band

It’s really strange how time seems to pass faster during the Holidays. A blink of an eye, and the new term’s starting again. I, for one, could definitely have used a few more weeks… or a month of vacation. But hey, it’s not all bad. At least there’s something fun going on as the semester kicks off.

UTSU(formerly known as SAC) is welcoming us back to school with (what I think is) the first annual Winterfest, the welcome back week of the new year. Also, the Engineers are launching the new school term with the long standing tradition of Godiva Week, which “is like F!rosh Week, but colder… and BETTER!” Details after the jump. Continue reading “Back to School Fun”

Welcome to blogUT

Introducing blogUT:

Despite all that we complain about, there’s a lot to love about U of T. Although, loving such a massive, cold, and faceless institution can be hard at times. Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost among the masses and feel like 938471263, rather than a person. We know. We’ve been there. That’s why we created blogUT.

U of T is huge! There’s always a ton of things going on at the university every day, but it’s hard to find out and keep track of them all. The goal of blogUT is to keep you up to date on the happenings around campus, and any other sort of information that might be relevant to a U of T student: from the latest arts, music, news, and events, to the most recent hilarious Youtube video or internet meme. blogUT exists to help you have more fun at U of T.

More about blogUT on our about page.