Abundance and Things We Take for Granted in Canada

Dismal state

Many unhappy things happening in all areas; from the academic sector to that of health and even the general labor force of the country. I am not going to be looking away but against the reason for why I am writing this particular post, I have decided not to dwell too much on the dismal happenings as it is grieving and unpleasant for me rather I’ll just compare the situation to what we have here which I believe we can better relate with and enjoy anyway.

Although, for anyone who is interested in following up with the unfolding of events in Nigeria, you could read up on it by following News outlet like the BBC and CNN Nigeria.

Though there’s light at the end of the tunnel, it does seem far right now. It gives me a sorrowful heart to know there are a lot of people who struggle to survive living in these dismal conditions with no access to some of this life basics we have in abundance here in Canada. This is what I was implying when I pointed out the norm of having a constant power supply and access to good health care.

These things are quite as needed in nations like Nigeria but the hope of realizing them look really blight at the moment.

I just prefer to talk about how pleasing and beautiful we have it here.

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