Canada and Beautiful Nature

It would only be an act of self deception if I were to say that I enjoy the Canadian food more than the Nigerian Cuisines but one other thing I appreciate so much about living here which I didn’t get to enjoy this much in Nigeria is Nature.


I did already expounded on the peculiarities of where I lived in Lagos, it definitely was not the kind of environment where you would find anyone nurturing a garden or growing trees. Of a truth, in Nigeria such acts are believed to be for the extremely rich and luxurious people.

Though, there are several Parks and public gardens scattered all around the city, they still aren’t as easily accessible as we have here and neither as brilliant bar a few exceptional natural tourist destinations like Obudu Cattle Ranch,  Yankari Games Reserve and Resorts and Whispering Palms, all of which will take a fortune to visit.

Upon relocation, one of the very first things that caught my heart was the freshness of the green nature all around us, almost every other home on the street have a kind of a garden or tree they tended, most of which are distinct and beautiful.

This played a great role in me spending most of my play time outside and up until today, I just feel some kind of a bond with nature and I happily accept and avail myself to it. Generally, it helps me to rest when I need a cool off and serves as inspiration many a time.

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