I Miss My Country

Oh, my Beautiful Nigeria!

How can I forget the good old days of my birth country? I lived there when times where pleasant, when the tertiary institutions were standards, when the hospitals were world class, when folks could fly the Nigerian Airways to any part of the world and alight at their destination with pride. It was a nation where tribalism and religious differences weren’t the order of the day, neither was insecurity from supposed fellow countrymen the fear in the heart of most.

I do not intend malign my country nor is it my aim to libel the continuous effort of the heralds and well-meaning citizens to see that Nigeria takes it place as one of the leading world nations again. I do this to share the experiences I had there and to advance knowledge about the happenings and the everyday reality life of many people in my home country.

In my dear nation today, it’s every man to himself, what they refer to as OYO (Own Your Own). Leaders sought after power for selfish gains, followers attack each other for fallacious ideas, beliefs and doctrines, every day is greeted with another awful news; ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) continues months of industrial action, Youth Corp members die on road, Soldiers killed by religious terrorists, Man commits suicide due to depression, etc.

Indeed, unsatisfactory occurrences unfold here too but they are not as frequent or pronounced as it is over there. Hopefully, in writing, I’ll be able to draw certain resemblance and distinctions between both nations.

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