Living Conditions in Nigeria

Moving from Lagos to Canada with my family didn’t sound so spectacular to me at the time we did, I was quite young and yes, I had that childish innocent joy every African kid would have when he/ she received the news that he’s travelling out to the North American continent, but now I am exceedingly grateful it did happen. The whopping-great gap in the living conditions between the two places is staggering.

Our House

The structure, the comfort, the standard of the environ where I grew up here could never be compared to the area where I was born and lived in for a few years in Lagos. My parents were making just enough to sustain the family basic needs and couldn’t afford to live the luxurious life in the better part of Lagos, the Island, so we stayed in one of the “ghetto” areas on the Mainland. (Lagos is divided into two; the Island and the mainland).

The way of life there in the “ghetto” is so atrocious that folks here can’t relate with. I remember how overcrowded our house was that my mother had to always wake us up very early before daybreak so we can use the cloakroom before the queue gets too long and how at night the heavy noise from several small generators wouldn’t allow us to sleep well.

The living conditions of the Canadian citizen is healthier and exceedingly superior and there are better and more favorable circumstances to realizing them just like it is with Journalism and Freedom of speech.

With all that’s happening there in Nigeria, I can only hope that things are getting better.

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