What do Nigerians eat?

Nigeria might not be the most desirable place to be due to the immense backwardness in the standard of living in larger area of the country and the unfavorable working conditions of the labor market but there’s that one thing that no nation does better, that’s the making of sumptuous, mouth watering and very palatable meals.


Would you love to eat a Nigerian meal for breakfast, a Chinese meal for lunch and a Polish meal for dinner? Well, here in Canada that desire can be fulfilled with less stress as there are definitely restaurants near you with a particular specification of meal or with the ability to provide different choice and variety of food.

As great as that sounds, the originality in getting the authentic cuisine from the particular country of choice is incomparable. For the Nigerian meal, the techniques and ways at which they are garnished makes it more appetizing and enjoyable.


With the number of outlet that offers Nigerian foods here, I shouldn’t be longing for it but what they serve isn’t quite the same with what I always hope to get. I just love the way my mother always fried her plantain and egg, I could have that every morning for the rest of my life. Its super delicious with a peppery fish sauce. There are plenty meals that interest me for lunch or dinner, from yam and fish stew to semovita and okra soup or amala with ewedu and gbegiri.

Special mention: moin moin (steamed bean pudding) especially the one cooked in leaves served with hot Ogi (Pap) on a Saturday morning. It brings the entire family together in a different way, in fact from the point of preparation as almost everyone is involved. Other great weekend meals like that are akara (bean cake) served with eko (corn pap jelly), Ewa aganyin and small sliced yan with aganyin sauce. (Oh let me stop there, am already salivating)

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