Working Conditions in Nigeria and Canada

Indeed, the general living conditions in Canada is of a higher standard and in consonance with that, the glut of employment opportunities here is something Nigeria is not proud of. As a matter of fact, the struggle to create job is getting worse and unemployment rate rises by the year as more tertiary graduates are released into the labor market.

My work

For me, getting a job wasn’t difficult at all but what actually delights me is that I do my dream job. I work as an accountant for a stucco Vancouver company, something I had fell in love with from my childhood days way back in Nigeria. The job is similar to what my father did back then, he actually made me fall in love with numbers. He was so good at arithmetic that his small circle of friends back then jokingly call him “The Computer Brain”. His ingenuity and brilliance was however not met with a commensurate pay, a figure too exiguous when compared to what I earn now.

How favored we are that we live in a place where we can set our hearts to things and get them done, many would do anything to be in our shoes. Many people world wide are still at that point my father was decades ago, working rigorously for hours everyday, some even on weekends only to get meager salaries or wages.

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