Working Conditions in Nigeria

Well, you must have observed that I do not follow a particular pre-arranged outline of topic, this is going to be the trend; I shall be writing about whatever comes to mind. In the last post, I wrote on President Trump and his image which followed the discussion on the working conditions in Nigeria and now, I am back on that topic.

From What I Hear

Having left Nigeria at a very young age, I do not have any personal experience of seeking a job or actually working there but I do have family and friends with whom I keep in touch and seldom visit. They tell me many things about happenings in the country, keeping me updated and informed. About the work conditions, they disclose that it isn’t just bad but gets worse by the day.

Several of my love ones in Nigeria are out of job and are critical about their chances of getting one. The information they share confirms that the condition and status quo of many job openings and positions which you’ll get here are much worse over there, with remunerations on the downward spiral periodically and job availabilities getting rarer. This seems to be the general thing not only in Nigeria, but in the world today.

This is why I encourage people here to be more thankful for what they have. Many outside this shores would do anything to be in their shoes and have the same opportunities.

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