Canada and Beautiful Nature

It would only be an act of self deception if I were to say that I enjoy the Canadian food more than the Nigerian Cuisines but one other thing I appreciate so much about living here which I didn’t get to enjoy this much in Nigeria is Nature.


I did already expounded on the peculiarities of where I lived in Lagos, it definitely was not the kind of environment where you would find anyone nurturing a garden or growing trees. Of a truth, in Nigeria such acts are believed to be for the extremely rich and luxurious people.

Though, there are several Parks and public gardens scattered all around the city, they still aren’t as easily accessible as we have here and neither as brilliant bar a few exceptional natural tourist destinations like Obudu Cattle Ranch,  Yankari Games Reserve and Resorts and Whispering Palms, all of which will take a fortune to visit.

Upon relocation, one of the very first things that caught my heart was the freshness of the green nature all around us, almost every other home on the street have a kind of a garden or tree they tended, most of which are distinct and beautiful.

This played a great role in me spending most of my play time outside and up until today, I just feel some kind of a bond with nature and I happily accept and avail myself to it. Generally, it helps me to rest when I need a cool off and serves as inspiration many a time.

Daily Life in Canada

My previous post wasn’t particularly exciting though I didn’t mean to sound so despondent and disheartened while referring and discussing about other nations who don’t have things running smoothly for them as it with us here. Well, this is me back to discussing more cheerful things.

Back to Nature

I have mentioned it quite a few times how things are absolutely and tremendously admirable for us here in Canada and I don’t think I can say it enough but it only makes me more grateful for all I have being able to own.

I did talk about my love for nature and how I feel a connection to it right from childhood and much more how I still get to appreciate and maximize it now especially when I needed to cool off or get inspired. Interestingly, that got me into taking steps and recently I decided to maximize my compound for greenery.

I looked up on some gardening tips and created a more appealing front yard and backyard. I always said I wouldn’t spend too much on materialistic things but I couldn’t overcome the temptation of reaching out to professionals in the field to come and help beautify my entire surrounding.

I did have a lot of thought on it, trying to see from the perspective of many people in the world generally who do have bigger and more critical issues than think of greenery and hiring a professional for it, but this was something I could only have dreamt about at a time too back in my home country. Now that I live here, I am going to enjoy it to the fullest.

Housing in Canada

Discussing the living conditions in Nigeria in one of my earlier post, I pointed out how exceedingly better we live here in Canada. I see this as a very important aspect of life and would love to buttress on that, making a few illustrations.

More Opportunity

Some of those things that make living in a country like Canada more pleasing and beautiful such as gardening and growing of trees are made possible because there abound many more opportunities to work and make the required money to maintain such a high standard of living as compared to the struggles an average Nigerian go through on a daily basis to only come up with what’s only enough to feed and a little leftover to cater for other basics like clothing and shelter.

When I refer to more opportunities, I also mean the ability to easily access basic amenities like power supply and good running water. Formally I talked about how the noise from several generators wouldn’t allow us a good rest at night and how we got to stand up early to use the cloakroom before it is polluted due to lack of power and running water respectively.

Having these all-important amenities could save a lot of people the painstaking alternative of a generator and the continuous purchase of petroleum and having to make repairs at a high price. This would also afford people a better living environment as a result of reduced burns of fuel and release of toxic gases into the atmosphere. Oh, how essential good running water is to life, I believe I do not need to expound so much on that.

Giving Thanks

Some of these things have been regarded to as norms for those of us who have it freely, including myself and we do not realize the special advantage we do really have here.

I do believe some of us have gotten more reasons to be grateful and to take time out to really appreciate all we have in our lives.