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If you have comments, tips, or information, or would like to contribute, contact us at: contact [at] blogut [dot] ca or if you’re interested in contacting a specific Editor, please check this out. We’re always looking for new bloggers, readers, and fans so please feel free to say hello and suggest new things for us to cover! As long as it pertains to U of T students and student life, we’re always interested in hearing your ideas.




I would like to make a post about an event or product that I am promoting.

blogUT is a platform for students to stay informed about interesting events happening on campus and in Toronto as well as other useful information — it is not a marketing tool. If you think that the event is something that would be of interest to the general population of U of T students, send us an e-mail. Ideally we would like to have a piece that is more than just a few short lines about what, where, and when an event is taking place. At blogUT, we aim to have entries that are captivating and entertaining for all of our readers!

I would like to become a writer for blogUT.

Send us an email with your UofT student number and answers to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to contribute to blogUT?
  • How often would you be contributing?
  • What sort of pieces do you see yourself contributing?
  • Do you have any samples of your writing or blogs? If so, please send them our way.

And please, let us know what kind of ideas you have in mind!

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