You Know You’re a University Student When…


I just thought that something like this would be amusing to write considering that I’ve been going through several weeks of non-stop total exhaustion all thanks to my courseload of 6 courses. Without further ado, here are 10 things that all or at least most of you should relate to if you are, in fact, a student at university.

1. It’s 5:30PM and you’ve been running on a cup of coffee you’ve purchased at 10AM for the entire day.

2. Speaking of coffee, caffeine is awesome for being a legal stimulant. You cannot survive without it.

3. You had 4 hours of sleep last night. And the night before. And the night before that.

4. You obsessively check Facebook or Twitter every 5 minutes just to procrastinate. Either that or you’re writing an article on blogUT rather than that essay that’s due… soon.

5. You know where to order pizza from if you’re hungry at 4AM. Either that or you know all the eateries open at that ungodly hour of the morning.

6. A 10AM class is early, even if class started earlier in high school.

7. Reading week does not mean break, it’s actually a week in which you read. A lot. If you have the work ethic. If you don’t, then frankly, you’re screwed.

8. You know that 5 paragraph essays are NOT ALLOWED. Ever. Unless you’re from Nippissing or Lakehead.

9. You’ve gained weight because you’ve been snacking while studying.

10. You’ve lost your soul. Forever.

9 Replies to “You Know You’re a University Student When…”

  1. LOL yup, #4 is def something I find myself doing ALL THE TIME.

    If I may add a few…

    #11. You rejoice when you get a 5 page paper. Those are a godsend.
    #12. When you constantly run your schedule of deadlines in your head. And panic. Every. Time.
    #13. You’ve had 3 coffees and you’re still tired as hell.

  2. What can i say other than the fact that this is very well written. I should be having better rest than you though considering the fact that i am only taking 5 courses rather than 6.

  3. lmao!

    Painted like that, being a university student seems like such a dreary life, but really, I think, we’re all proud of it in some way or another. Soldier on 🙂

  4. OMG LOL this is my life…
    I know all the 24/7 restaurants around here … (5)
    i feel ilke my personality is some how gone from making robarts my dear new home (1)
    yeah facebook checking is ilke 5 min…even tho i’ve never been that obessed ebfore (6)

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