Breast Cancer Awareness or Preaching to the Perverts? (a.k.a the Degradation of Feminism)


Today I got asked my bra colour by a perverted male who shall remain unknown. I told him to f*** off. It’s none of his business, and for all he cares, I may not even be wearing one. The pervert in question then told me that all the girls were doing it on facebook to raise awareness for breast cancer. I am all for raising awareness for such a wonderful cause but I am very dismayed at the means by which women are reduced to doing this. I find it incredibly ironic that something that was once an appalling symbol of male oppression is now being used to spread awareness about an illness that is mostly prevalent in women.

Historically, the use of bras would change in response to the male attitude towards the female bosom at the time. So basically the bra was (and arguably still is) yet another means by which women find themselves at the mercy of the male’s fancy. Even though modern day bras cater more to the comfort and needs of women, they have no medically proven benefit.

More importantly, I fail to understand how indicating your bra colour raises awareness for breast cancer. Ladies, by letting men know your bra colour on facebook, you are just piquing their perverted male ego. They could not care less about the cause or breast cancer itself. If anything, you are diverting attention away from the cause and just encouraging the opposite sex to visit lingerie and pornography stores. So fellow sisters, I ask that you think before you so openly surrender your bra colour to the enemy. By letting them know, you are desecrating the very basis of feminine empowerment that every woman is entitled to.

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  1. While I wholeheartedly agree with you that this bra colour fad on Facebook is silly, I’m sorry, I can’t take anyone seriously who calls someone of another gender “the enemy.”

    You’re as much of the problem with women’s rights as anyone else.

    Being a militant feminist is bad for society as being a chauvinist pig.

    To say that every male “…could not care less about the cause or breast cancer itself” eliminates every shred of decency and authenticity to your words. My father certainly seems to care very much about the cause and breast cancer; my mother is a survivor as is her sister… and of which I am very likely to be. To say he doesn’t care solely because he has a penis makes be actually pity you for having such a shallow view of the world.

  2. I agree with 0 of the things you just said.
    I hope this was either written by someone recovering from a lobotomy or as a piece of satire. If either is true, then good job!

  3. I agreed with you until I reached the final paragraph.

    The fact that you refer to men as “the enemy” is disturbing and goes against feminism which is about equal rights and respect between all genders. And do you really believe that by stating your bra colour you’re encouraging men to visit lingerie and pornography stores?

    And you know what, I’m a man and I very much do care about breast cancer. I’ve lost multiple relatives to cancer and in a few cases it was breast cancer. I have donated to many causes and have participated in runs to help raise funds and awareness for these causes.

    I agree that the campaign is silly but please, before making such bold statements make sure that you aren’t contradicting the base of your whole argument, it makes it hard to seriously consider anything else you write.

  4. Though I may disagree with you in calling men “the enemy”, I do find what you’re saying completely relevant. As a woman, I feel it is important to keep our dignity in times when women can so easily be degraded in the media.

  5. I also think Stefan that your lobotomy comment is out of line and unjustified. It makes me question whether you know what a lobotomy is or not.

  6. I should probably clarify this, by enemy I was not referring to the entire male gender. Instead I was referring to the creeps on facebook that are posting their supposed bra colours and those who are using this so called awareness campaign to fulfill their own horny needs. Many of you automatically jumped to the conclusion that the term enemy was an all encompassing one and I find this to be incredibly sad. It is not my fault you categorize all males as perverts. I think you should re-examine your own faulty way thinking instead of attacking my views.

    Also the last time I checked this was a blog where one could post their opinions, no matter how extreme. Without any radical ideas or opposition to authority we would pretty much be reduced to a totalitarian state.

    Furthermore, Angela, Xenon, Stefan and Imad I think you are all missing the big picture here. We should never have to stoop this low to get attention for anything. We are intelligent, motivated and extremely valuable members of society and our actions should reflect this.

  7. I fail to see how discussing one’s bra color on Facebook is “stooping low.” I refuse to equate the discussion of a garment’s color with “piques the perverted male ego.”
    The idea that a woman discussing her bra color is inherently sexual is as offensive to women as it is to men. It is offensive to men because your assertion that talking about bra colors “piques the perverted male ego” is predicated on the assumption that all men are perverts and are so unable to control their sexual appetites that we will all just out to a pornography store or a strip club. (Also, I disagree with your implied assertion that pornography is objectively morally wrong, but that’s not related to this particular conversation). Your assertion is offensive to women because you assume that discussing a bra is not only necessarily a sexual object (and, by doing so, you yourself objectify women) but that sexual objectification of any kind and degree is something that no woman would ever want.

  8. Okay first of all…let me just say that I hate lines of reasoning just like what this blog post has to offer. Vino, don’t get me wrong…I respect your thoughts and opinions, which is exactly why we published this piece on blogUT but don’t be surprised when people disagree with what you have to say and question/criticize you on it. It’s all fair game.

    Now let me tell you why I hate reasonings like this. It makes us women seem pitiable and it victimizes us. And I hate being portrayed as such. Why? Because I’m not a f–king victim (pardon my French). And I know that a lot of women will say the same. By saying things like the bra is “an appalling symbol of male oppression”, you’re making it into just that. Personally, I don’t think it is. Maybe back in god knows what century but we’re– well at least I AM living in the 21st century where I wear my bra with pride and as my own choice. Plus, was the brassiere not used as a strategic tool to make important statements? Yes, I think so. So why not now? And if you do feel it objectifies you…then don’t change your status. We all have that right to privacy and no one (man or woman) is gonna be saying anything about your decision to change or not change your status. I changed my status (to turquoise if you must know) because I thought it was an interesting and clever campaign. And no, I don’t feel degraded by doing so. And no, I don’t feel any less empowered as a woman. Not every little thing in this world has to be politicized.

    I agree with you though about this campaign’s failure to raise awareness about breast cancer. It really hasn’t. It has just generated buzz that has, in my opinion, essentially led to nothing but angry blog posts like this one. So that should be the focus of this campaign. How we can translate this thing that has gone viral into something tangible for the good of breast cancer research. I wrote a little piece on it on my blog, which you can read here ..if you’re at all interested.

    Well, that’s that. Nothing personal…just some thoughts for you guys.

  9. I agree with Stefan, I fail to see how posting a colour on facebook is “stooping low”. I also don’t see the connection of a colour encouraging males to visit lingerie stores or porn. By feminine empowerment, are you implying that by hiding the fact that females wear a bra or by hiding the colour of the bra will not cause female objectification?
    I also don’t see how the bra is solely at the mercy of being an object of male fancy, ie. have you ever tried jogging without a bra on? Yeah..ouch. They don’t have to be proven medically beneficial to be useful.

    I do agree with the one point that you made about the connection between writing a colour and cancer awareness but the other point that you made about the perverted males (which you clearly stated as all males and made no specifications) took all shroud of justification away from your argument. I totally agree with the first comment by Angela. Being a militant feminist is no better than being “the enemy” or a perverted male. We only jumped to the conclusion because you never stated that it was any specific perverted males who were using the bra colours to fulfill horny needs..which I don’t even see how that is possible. How does writing a colour fulfill horny needs? Most people need a little more imagination than that..

    Also, I thought that the colours on facebook was to gain awareness, aka. attention. I noticed that on a facebook group some girls were posting pictures of their bras for this campaign. What I took from this blog and from all the other comments was to realize that the most important thing is the different perspectives on what is to be considered “stooping low”. Yes, everyone has different morals. What takes away from your argument greatly is your application of your personal morality to judge other women and accuse them of degrading femininity.

  10. Like Vino, I don’t see any value in posting bra colour on facebook, how does this increase “breast cancer awareness”? A color does not offer any stats or any relevant information on the disease itself. Instead, I see a lot of mockery from guys (coincidentally) that stems from this facebook fad, which is quite counterproductive in my opinion. Do you all think “breast cancer” is the first thing that comes to mind when men find out about a women’s bra color? Let’s be real here. If my friend had “checkered boxers” on his facestatus, “prostate cancer” would most definitely NOT be the first thing that comes to mind.

    There has to be better ways to disseminate information and raise awareness. The pink campaign and runs for breast cancer are, sufficient enough and are great “marketing strategies” in raising awareness and funds.

  11. Sure, but does anyone actually think this was a good way to raise awareness for breast cancer? I think it’s obvious this was just a lame email forward that happened to reach critical mass.

    The original post is so ridiculous that I find it difficult to muster up any energy to make a thoughtful contribution to this discussion.

  12. The bra colour thing is silly. Nice way to exclude women that have removed their breasts because of breast cancer.

    Don’t be surprised by the comments; radicalism anywhere isn’t really welcomed, but your presentation here in the last paragraph is poor. I would get rid of the over generalizations re: “men”. They don’t help advance anything and turn attention away from the reframing of the debate, which you tried to do by questioning the given way to express breast cancer awareness, as if there were no history behind it that people should object to.

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